Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Rainy day shoes

The recent downpour has ruined at least one pair of shoes for me and another is going to die soon. I'm in dire need of shoes that can withstand the constant wetness and still be comfy to my poor feet.

Melissa jelly shoes (sold at Novo) seems to be a good choice. It's jelly, meaning it wouldn't be ruined by the rain (it's plastic), and forum reviews are relatively positive.

I'm eyeing:

severine (any colour, especially in lilac), ultragirl felt (in purple glitter) and lastly jb leslie in blue felt.

My top choice is severine but it's out of stock in Novo Marina Square =(
Will check out the Suntec branch soon in hope of finding it. Otherwise it's ultragirl or leslie, depending on which is in stock.

Update: Novo Suntec City still carries severine in size 5, but it cost S$39.90. Sigh. Must wait for sale, hopefully those 20% storewide sales, before I can afford to buy a pair.

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Lauren Jo said...

I thought these were ugly when I first saw them in stores. But after spending a year with Chicago rains, I realize they are a must! I can't afford to ruin another pair of flats!